Among Us: Impostor Tips For Winning

Any player can succeed as the Impostor in Among Us with a few handy tips.

With its simple yet adorable art style and social-deduction mechanics, Impostor Tips To Win Any Game Among Usts is a great game to play. Kicking the impostor off the ship is the name of the game. Once players are able to get the role of impostors instead of crewmates, everything can feel overwhelming.

Imposter’s Guide To Winning

An impostor’s best and most useful tool is venting. As a result, they can commit crimes and flee at a moment’s notice, which can be helpful in avoiding suspicion while eliminating all of their crewmates.

Imitators should always exercise caution when venting. The coast should be clear before jumping into and out of vents in the game. In this case, sabotaging the lights helps a lot, since it prevents the crew from noticing the impostor’s venting actions.

Make sure you stay active during meetings in order to avoid suspicion

To avoid attracting unnecessary attention, rookie impostors usually remain silent in meetings. Because of this suspicious behavior, players often target silent crewmates and gang up on them.

To be a good impostor, you must participate in the meeting discussion without drawing too much attention. The impostor must be smart when it comes to the words they use and only disclose the bare minimum information necessary to pass for a regular crewmate. Wild accusations and unsubstantiated claims can only work against them.

Let’s save the hard lie for last

Impostors should claim to have seen someone vent when there are three crew members left. The hard lies are those that claim hard evidence, such as “he vented” or “I was in the security room when he killed Red.” These accusations almost guarantee that everyone will side with the accuser.

If a vent accusation is proven to be false, then all fingers point at the “snitch.” Since these can only be used once, they should be used when one kill is all that’s left.

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